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The ministry of Dr. Patricia Bailey-Jones has created tremendous impact for more than 32 years in over 134 countries around the world, bringing deliverance and salvation to countless thousands. Dr. Bailey-Jones is a lecturer, author, and founder of Master’s Touch Ministries Global, Inc. (MTM), a mission outreach with headquarters in North Carolina , Los Angeles , Atlanta , Georgia , South Africa , Belgium , Brazil and London , England . MTM has also founded Y.U.G.O. (Young Adults United for Global Outreach), GLTC (Global Leadership Training Center, which is a program designed to teach global strategies that will empower leaders to impact nations), and SEW (Sisters Empowering the World Intensive Training Center, a 5-day extensive training center designed to equip and empower women to become vessels of honor for their families and to ultimately transform them into World Changers that impact the nations). Global Leadership Training Center is a special mentorship program oriented toward high achievers, groomed to be 21st century Global Leaders. GLTC equips them in areas of foreign policy, international diplomacy, cultural etiquette and legal missions. Dr. Bailey-Jones has focused her efforts in the 10/40 window, which includes North Africa and the Middle East , an area most densely populated, but least evangelized in the world. Dr. Bailey-Jones is a 1982 graduate of New Life Bible College in Tennessee and a 1984 Charter Class Graduate of Victory World Mission Training Center in Tulsa , Oklahoma . Over the course of the next decade, her mission thrust was dedicated to East, West, and Central Africa , the Middle East , the Caribbean , Europe and Asia . She has been featured in Charisma Magazine as the premier missions’ consultant in the 21st century.



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