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International Communion (ICEC) of Evangelical Church

The International Communion of the Evangelical Church (ICEC) is a fellowship of Christian churches established in 1924 to foster cooperation and unity among its members. It can trace its’s root back to the Evangelical Church in Germany, which was formed in 1817 as a union of Lutheran, Reformed, and United churches that sought to promote collaboration and solidarity among Protestant denominations. Today, the ICEC boasts a presence in over 30 countries worldwide, including the United States, Canada, Germany, Brazil, Japan, and India. The ICEC is governed by a General Assembly that convenes every four years, while its Executive Council oversees the implementation of the General Assembly’s resolutions.

The ICEC is committed to spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ and Assisting its member churches in spreading the message of salvation to the world. In addition, the ICEC aims to promote Christian unity and cooperation among its member churches and other Christian organizations and denominations.

Over the years, the ICEC has undertaken various initiatives and programs such as missionary work, theological education, and social justice campaigns. It has also been actively engaged in interfaith dialogue and cooperation, striving to enhance mutual understanding and collaboration between Christians and followers of other faiths.

The ICEC is a significant global fellowship of Christian churches that endeavors to foster evangelical values and Christian unity across the globe.