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Bishop Joseph Mattera

Bishop Mattera currently serves as the Presiding Bishop of the Christ Covenant Coalition and oversees Resurrection Church in New York City. An ethnically diverse congregation with over 40 nationalities, this congregation has developed several leaders and has carried out holistic ministry throughout the New York region and beyond. For the Church to fulfil Genesis 1:28’s Cultural Mandate, he is passionate about manifesting Christ’s Lordship in every realm of society. The result of this has been extensive ministry both nationally and internationally, including in former Soviet Union countries, Bulgaria, Turkey, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Honduras, Holland, Ukraine, Canada, Mexico, Cuba, Russia, and Argentina, as well as many states in the United States.

Since 1980, Bishop Mattera has been in full-time ministry. In November 1999, he founded the City Covenant Coalition (also known as the Christ Covenant Coalition), a network of bishops, clergy, and leaders in the marketplace who are committed to building the Body of Christ and working for citywide, national, and global transformation. CCC has become one of the largest and most influential clergy groups in the New York region. As well as serving on numerous boards, he was a Vice Chair of the 2005 New York Billy Graham Crusade, a member of the Advisory Board of World-Vision New York, a member of CURE (Community Understanding for Racial Equality), a member of Brooklyn Community Board 7, and a member of the New York Clergy Coalition for Racial Reconciliation. He has received numerous citations from state and city officials and assemblies. As a consultant and mentor to many political, business, and religious leaders, he has worked extensively with the NYPD, the local community board, and many other service organizations.
Joseph holds a Doctor of Ministry in Biblical Worldview from Bakke Graduate University. He has hosted his radio show “Light of Your City” and a weekly cable television program “, The Ekklesia.” He is a regular contributor to Christian newspapers. Through the years, he has given numerous radio and television interviews and press conferences, including guest appearances on nationally-known Christian networks such as TBN, Daystar Television Network, and Cornerstone Television Network. He is also the author of three theological books on the Kingdom of God, entitled Ruling in the Gates (2003), Kingdom Revolution (2009), and Kingdom Awakening (2010). In recognition of his years of faithful service and significant influence, numerous local and national bishops and apostolic leaders consecrated Joseph to the Office of Bishop on April 29, 2006. Joseph, his wife Joyce and their five children live in Brooklyn, New York.



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