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Bishop (Designate) Aubrey Shines

Originally from Chicago, Bishop (D), Shines began his ministry in the Cook County Correctional System as an evangelical minister licensed by the late Bishop D., Husband of the Churches of God in Christ. With a passion for spreading the message of God, he has earned degrees in Computer Science, Theology, and Divinity. In 1987, Bishop (D) Shines founded Glory to Glory Ministries, which has grown beyond denominational, cultural, and ethnic boundaries.
Recognized as a prophetic voice, Bishop (D) Shines ministered to key spiritual leaders, top athletes, entertainers, and government officials nationwide. His call to ministry has led him to provide prophetic insight into the lives of many individuals, helping them grow in their faith.
Bishop (D) Shines always had a deep desire for people to know God on a deeper, more personal level, and this led him to start teaching a basic theology course in the Tampa/St: Petersburg, Florida area in May 2002. The course was centered around the impact of the First through Fifth Century Fathers of the Church on global society. As a result of the consistent weekly teachings, attendance grew steadily during the first year.
Saturating his desire with prayer, Bishop (D) Shines received guidance from God, and it became clear that he was being led to become the Senior Pastor of the growing congregation formed through his teachings. Bishop (D) Shines took on this role with great passion and has since continued to spread the message of God and lead the congregation to a deeper understanding of their faith.
Bishop (D) Shines been featured in leading newspapers, magazines, and TV and radio broadcasts throughout his journey. His passion for God’s people and his desire for them to know Him in a greater and more personal way have made him a respected leader in the Christian community.

Glory To Glory Ministries in Tampa, Florida, has grown rapidly in the past five years under Bishop (D) Shines’ anointing. Pursuing God’s vision, the ministry has filed papers to establish a charter school focused on law and finances. This school will provide education for young people and serve the community. Bishop (D) Shines’ leadership has been essential in pursuing this vision and has made him a respected leader in the Tampa area. The congregation is committed to serving their community and spreading God’s message through this new initiative.

Bishop (D) Shines has three children.


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