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Let’s save the Union of Marriage.

There is no greater gift than the gift of time

Join us as we
Save Marriages.

What we do

MMA educates the public on how same sex marriage and the lack of spiritual commitment undermines our culture and community. Marriage defined as one man/one woman, rightly give privilege status to relationships based on marriage and kinship-not to discriminate against single and unrelated people but to encourage biological parents to marry each other and to raised their own stable children, who are the key to a stable and continuing society. The lack of spiritual commitment has led to destructive behavior such as cohabitation, childbearing outside of marriage and divorce. These behaviors destroy families, harm children, and imperil the future of America.


“Today’s complacency is tomorrow’s captivity”. Reverend Samuel Rodriquez, Jr.

What MMAI is doing:

MMAI successfully helped end Zales promotion of gay pride wedding bands – “Working with the American Family Association”

MMAI has also helped support the American Family Association in its effort to boycott Target over its bathroom policy. Target’s CEO recently admitted that this bathroom policy was ill-conceived.

It is MMAI’s goal to be a champion for Christ. If you are alarmed by the increasing ungodliness and depravity assaulting our nation, please join us. Do it for your children, grandchildren and yourself.

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